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What Is A Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Is A New Virus And Also Known As Group Of Viruses Cause
Disease In Mammals,
Birds. In Humans, The Coronavirus Causes Infections. Coronavirus Can
Infect Both Animals And Humans.


Common Human Coronavirus Symptoms

Most People Get Infected By This Virus In Their Lives. This Virus Occur
Only Short Period Of Time. Symptoms For Common Human
Coronavirus Are:

Runny nose
Sore throat
A general feeling of being unwell

Which countries have been affected?

Overseas, confirmed cases were reported in Thailand (7), Japan (3),
South Korea (3), the United States (3), Vietnam (2), Singapore (4),
Malaysia (3), Nepal (1), France (3) and Australia (4). 

Symptoms of coronavirus: Indian govt

sets up 24X7 helpline number

Helpline for queries on Novel coronavirus :
A  24*7 Call Centre is active for responding to queries on ncov2020. Please make
note of this number.


China Coronavirus Report. 

Coronavirus Timeline :

Jan 16- 40 confirmed cases
Jan 20- 291 sick
Jan 21- 440 sick
Jan 22- 571 sick, 17 dead
Jan 23- 830 sick, 26 dead
Jan 24- 1287 sick, 41 dead
Jan 25- 1975 sick, 41 dead
Jan 26- 2748 sick, 80 dead
Today- 4515 confirmed cases, 106 dead

Tomorrow -?

How not to get coronavirus

1. Boost your immune system

2. Get enough sleep

3. Eat vit. C rich food

4. Supplement vit. C

5. Clean your hands with soap or gel sanitizer often

6. Avoid crowds of people or

7. Wear N95(min.) mask

8. Protect your eyes 

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